Advantages of BigBird Ventilators
Healthy Living  
BigBird ventilator is a free spinning roof ventilator that provides fresh air in your roof space and living area all year round 24 hours a day free of charge.  

No Cost Operation  
BigBird is a self contained, wind powered ventilating system so there are no electricity or wiring expenses incurred. A slight breeze is sufficient to spin the rotary turbines but even without wind it still ventilates.  

Reduced Power Costs  
Through proper ventilation, your working and living environment would not be so hot, humid and damp. This will reduce power consumption of air-conditioners and fans.  

Increase Productivity  
By promoting healthier and more comfortable working environment through proper ventilation.  

Remove Odour and Smoke  
Industrial fumes, kitchen, cigarette, insect repellent etc, would be removed through BigBird Roof Ventilators.  

Reduce Maintenance Costs  

  • Heat trapped ceiling space can cause electrical wiring to dry and crack. 
  • Rising damp in winter cause plaster to crack and damage paintwork. 
  • Metal fittings in attic can corrode. 
  • Trapped moisture causes mildew on ceiling and moulds on roofing tiles. By getting rid of the hot and damp air, the above problems can be eliminated. 
With proper attic ventiiation hot air will be removed making the living and working area more comfortable as fresh air circulates.  Without proper attic ventilation heat from the attic radiates to your living area.